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Gibraltar’s Governor visits the chess festival Image

Gibraltar’s Governor visits the chess festival

Jan 26, 2017

Yesterday the 2017 Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival saw a visit from Governor Lieutenant General Edward Davis who saluted all the chess players participating in the 15th edition of the tournament.

“I would like to salute you all, your ability on the boards and also your loyalty to this competition. If it was not for you, it would not happen. Keep coming back and I wish you all the best of luck in the competition and in your matches today,” he said at the start of Round 3 in the Gibraltar Masters in the main playing area in the Augustus Suite.

This was his second visit to the Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival. Last year the event was his first official function shortly after he had arrived on the Rock to take up his appointment as Governor of Gibraltar.

On arrival yesterday afternoon he was met by Tournament Organiser Brian Callaghan and Tournament Director Stuart Conquest. Also present was Chairman of Tradewise James Humphreys and from Anglo Hispano John Isola, Festival Administrator Paddy Grech and the Caleta Hotel General Manager Franco Ostuni.

Ahead of play at 3pm the Governor spoke of how with 15 years under its belt the festival was a remarkable achievement. He was shown round the main playing hall by Stuart Conquest and Chief Arbiter Laurent Freyd.

“Each year it gets bigger and bigger, stronger and stronger and attracts more and more of the world’s chess players. To have 60 nations represented and over 250 players, 60 women, is a fantastic achievement,” Governor Lieutenant General Edward Davis told competitors wishing the very best to all in today’s play and throughout the whole tournament.


Interviewed live by commentator British Women’s Champion Jovanka Houska on the daily internet show streamed across the world the Governor described the tournament as a wonderful event.

“What has kept this competition so progressive, so alive and made it so successful is that every year there are more people, more initiatives and different spins on the competition,” he said.

Talking about how the tournament had grown he commented on how Gibraltar was a place which had “ambition, innovation and boldness”.

“This competition is just testament to these attributes because Gibraltar goes about projecting itself in that way. The natural characteristics that make these things successful is what has happened here. Brian Callaghan had an idea, he had a vision, he was bold, innovative, and it has been a great success,” he added.