Battle of the Sexes 23rd Jan - 3rd Feb 2022       #gibchess

Battle of the Sexes 2022 - Round 9 Image

Battle of the Sexes 2022 - Round 9

Feb 03, 2022

John Saunders reports: Round nine of the #GibChess Battle of Sexes, held at Gibraltar’s Garrison Library on Wednesday 2 February, saw a turnaround in fortunes as the women’s team ran out 6-4 winners on the day. This still leaves them three points behind the men’s team going into the final round (in which they will have the black pieces) requiring a 6½-3½ score to force a tie-break or a 7-3 score to win the match outright. The penultimate round was a tense affair with quite a few errors made under pressure from the match situation as well as time trouble, with the last game to finish resulting in a win for the men’s team when a draw (and match score of 6½-3½ had seemed the most likely outcome right to the end. Match score: Men 46½, Women 43½. Put simply, the men need a further 4 points from 10 in the last round to get over the line and claim the £75,000 first prize.