Battle of the Sexes 23rd Jan - 3rd Feb 2022       #gibchess

Battle of the Sexes 2022 - Press Release 4 Image

Battle of the Sexes 2022 - Press Release 4

Dec 16, 2021

John Saunders reports: Hitherto the Caleta Hotel has been home to the Gibraltar International Chess Festival throughout its 18 years of existence, but it is due to close in just two weeks’ time and its eventual replacement won’t be available until sometime into the future. But an ideal, intimate venue for the ten boards of the #GibChess Battle of the Sexes match-tournament has been commissioned in the shape of Gibraltar’s historic Garrison Library. This beautiful building located in the heart of Gibraltar Town dates back to the late 18th century and was constructed on the site of the previous Spanish governor’s residence. It was opened as a library by the Duke of Kent, Queen Victoria’s father, in 1804 and made available to just 150 subscribers (known as “proprietors”) who paid handsomely for the privilege of borrowing books and enjoying its exclusive facilities. They would have been officers of the garrison, as would the library staff, at a time when Gibraltar was a vital base for naval operations in the Napoleonic War and a great many army and navy officers were stationed on the Rock.