Battle of the Sexes 23rd Jan - 3rd Feb 2022       #gibchess

Battle of the Sexes 2022 - Press Release 2 Image

Battle of the Sexes 2022 - Press Release 2

Dec 05, 2021

John Saunders reports: Hopefully the title line will attract your attention. The answer is… nobody knows. It’s a question that has been raised frequently, never more so than in 2020 when the Netflix TV show The Queen’s Gambit became the most watched drama mini-series in the streaming channel’s history and brought the game of chess more publicity than anything since the Fischer-Spassky match in 1972.

Now in 2022, Gibraltar is proud to present the #GibChess Battle of the Sexes, with two teams of ten men and ten women, of similar average rating and age, playing a Scheveningen format classical chess match-tournament, with a £100,000 prize fund at stake. The match-tournament runs from 24 January to 3 February at Gibraltar’s historic Garrison Library. Live games and commentary will be available via the official website