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Main Gibraltar Attractions

Enjoy the sights of Gibraltar by day and the entertainment at night!

The destination is packed with history and natural heritage, but in addition it boasts all the modern amenities that you would expect in a bustling European City.

Despite its compact size, Gibraltar surprises thousands of visitors each year with its range of activities and attractions that appeal to all age groups. Situated at the point where the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean meet, it is no surprise that Gibraltarian life thrives on an abundance of water sports. These range from dolphin safaris in the bay to jet skiing, pleasure sailing and scuba diving.

Rock tours are available by taxi or coach at all points of entry. To experience some of the sights on foot, there are also a number of official walking tours, which will take you on historical and architectural trails through the main city centre.

A broad choice of restaurants, bars and cafes can be found along Main Street and in Casemates Square, along with high street shops and boutiques selling an excellent range of VAT free goods, including jewellery and time pieces, perfumery, electrical goods, alcohol and tobaccos.

Nightlife is equally varied with a wide choice of lively restaurants and bars and an excellent casino club.

Dolphin Watching Trips

There are three species of dolphin commonly found in the Bay of Gibraltar: the Common Dolphin, the Striped Dolphin and the large Bottled-Nosed Dolphin; and it is quite common to see dolphin schools of all ages and sizes.

A dolphin watching trip is the most enjoyable way of seeing these fascinating mammals up close.

The cost for the tours is generally not at all exorbitant, costing about 20 to 35 Euros for a two hour tour. Quite often if you see no whales or dolphins during your trip the whale watching tours of Gibraltar will refund your money for the trip.

Enquiries & Info:

Dolphin Safari
Dolphin Adventure

St. Michael's Cave

Lower St. Michael's Cave was accidentally discovered whilst blasting a second entrance at St Michael's Cave in order to prepare it for use as an emergency hospital during the Second World War. Full of crystalised nature, the cave also boasts a beautiful underground lake.

It is the most visited of the more than 150 caves found inside the Rock of Gibraltar, receiving almost 1,000,000 visitors a year.

St. Michael's Cave can be reached by car, taxi, cable car or by foot. Tickets are priced at £10.00 which also includes entrance to two of the other major tourist sites on The Rock, namely the Moorish Castle and the Great Siege Tunnels.

World War II Tunnel - Shay's level Upper Rock

Excavated during 1939-1944 the tunnels and are an extension to The Great Siege Tunnels excavated during The Great Siege of 1778-83. Monday to Saturday: 10.30am until 17.30pm (Closed Sundays) Admission: £6 (must have purchased a Nature Reserve ticket on the same day).

Nature Reserve - Upper Rock

The flora and fauna of the Upper Rock Nature Reserve are of conservation interest and are protected by law. Within it is a range of animals and plants, but the highlights are the Barbary Macaques (the famous Rock Apes), the Barbary Partridges, and flowers such as Gibraltar's own Chickweed, Thyme and the Gibraltar Candytuft.

Alameda Botanical Gardens

Red Sands Road Daily 08.00am until sunset. Admission: Free

Cable Car - Grand Parade

The Cable Car is located at the southern end of Main Street right next to the Alameda Botanical Gardens. It is easier to catch a no.3 bus that departs from the Frontier or from various bus stops on Line Wall Road. This will drop you off on Grand Parade, just tell the bus driver you want to go to the Cable Car and they will point you in the right direction.

Opening Times: 09:30-19:15, 7 days a week.
Last Cable Car down: 19:45 except 1 Nov to 31 Mar 09:30-17:15 when last Cable Car down is 17:45.

The Cable Car runs continuously throughout the day, approx every 10 min. No reservation is required.

Gibraltar Museum - Bomb House Lane

Monday to Friday: 10.00am until 18.00pm Saturday: 10.00am until 14.00pm Closed Sunday Admission: Adults £2 / Children under 12 years £1, Infants under 5 Free.


The legal tender is the Gibraltar pound. UK pounds have exactly the same value and are equally welcome. There is no restriction on the amount of money that can be brought in or taken out of Gibraltar. Euros are widely accepted in shops, restaurants and so on.


No specific vaccinations are required for Gibraltar, Spain or North Africa.


The average temperature at that time of year is 15-18° C.

Public Transport

There are a total of 8 different bus routes in Gibraltar. There are two companies who provide bus services: Gibraltar Bus Company Ltd and Calypso Transport Limited. The Gibraltar Bus Company is owned by the Government of Gibraltar and operates all but one of the services. Calypso Transport operates the other, linking the city centre with the airport and the border with Spain..


Gibraltar is a VAT-free shoppers' paradise.

Caleta Hotel


Gibraltar Tourist Board
Duke of Kent House
Cathedral Square