21st January - 1st February 2018 #gibchess


Regulations 2018


Initial enquiries: Festival Director Stuart Conquest chess@caletahotel.gi

Entry Fees

  • Entry fees: Masters £140 (entry is free for players holding the GM, IM, WGM or WIM titles).
  • Challenger & Amateur, £60 per event.
  • Late entry fee surcharge of £50 per event (if presented after 12 January 2018).
  • Participants using the Caleta Hotel packages have their entry fees included.
  • First-week morning players who subsequently decide to play in a second-week event will not be charged a late entry fee.

Right of Refusal
The right is reserved to refuse any entry.

Players for the Masters tournament must register before 19:30hrs on Monday 22 January 2018 or have confirmed their entry at the Caleta Hotel in order to be included in the first round draw.

Players for first-week Challenger or Amateur tournaments must register before 19:30hrs on Sunday 21 January 2018 or have confirmed their entry at the Caleta Hotel in order to be included in the first round draw.

Default Time
(All Events) Players arriving 30 minutes or more after the start of a session shall lose, unless the arbiter decides otherwise.

Mobile Phones
All mobile phones, tablets, and similar mobile devices are banned from the playing areas.

The organisers will provide solutions for those players not resident at the Caleta Hotel who need to bring such devices to the venue.
If you take a mobile device to the game, even turned off, you risk forfeit.

No Smoking Rule
Smoking is forbidden in the playing hall and adjacent areas or in the commentary room.


All five tournaments shall be FIDE rated and ECF graded. Players who are, or who request to be, registered as English (ENG) with FIDE must be ECF Gold members. Join the ECF: +44 (01424) 775 222 or visit www.englishchess.org.uk.

Non English players must provide their FIDE Identification Number (FIN) (ID code) at the time of entry. If you do not have a FIN, you must apply to your own federation for a FIN before entering the tournament.

Commentaries take place daily in the afternoon in the Archie Suite. Audience participation is encouraged. These commentaries are broadcast live. There is no charge for spectators to watch the games in play, to attend commentaries or to attend evening events, including the master classes.

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Any dispute arising in connection with the rules and regulations governing the Tournament shall be determined by the organising committee and/or appeals committee, whose decision will be final and binding.


Please note

Players who have not purchased a Caleta Package are required to pay the entry.

Fees paid via Paypal have a surcharge. Please see the table below. The entry fee can also be paid direct by contacting Cathy Popham at the Caleta Hotel.

Alternatively please click the PayPal Pay Now button to pay. You can use a credit or debit card or pay using your own PayPal account.

Tournament£ With PayPal Fees
C1 or C2 / A1 or A260.001.0462.40
C1 & C2 / A1 & A2100.001.04104.00
Tournament Entry Fees 2018