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“The annual Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival has established itself as the most prestigious open tournament in the world” -




The dates for the 2012 Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival will be as follows:


MASTERS: Tue 24th January - Thurs 2nd February; (Rd1 is Tues 24th January at 15:00hrs).

1st WEEK AMATEURS and CHALLENGERS Mon 23rd January - Fri 27th January;

2nd WEEK AMATEURS and CHALLENGERS Sat 28th January - Wed 1st February;

The GALA DINNER and PRIZEGIVING will take place on the evening of February 2nd, 2012.


Click to see the detailed schedule.


Leading confirmed entries for the 2012 Tradewise Gibraltar Masters @ 20th July.


ALMASI, Zoltan, 2726g, (HUN); VACHIER-LAGRAVE, Maxime , 2722g, (FRA); ADAMS, Michael, 2715g, (ENG); SHIROV, Alexei, 2714g, (ESP); POLGAR, Judith, 2699g, (HUN); SHORT, Nigel, 2687g, (ENG); BOLOGAN, Victor, 2678g, (MDA); ONISCHUK, Alexander, 2675g, (USA); FRIDMAN, Daniel, 2659g, (GER); EDOUARD, Romain, 2587g, (FRA); YIFAN, Hou, 2575g, (CHN); KOSINTSEVA, Nadezhda, 2560g, (RUS); ROBSON, Ray, 2560g, (USA); KOSINTSEVA, Tatiana, 2557g, (RUS); KORCHNOI, Viktor, 2553g, (SUI); MUZYCHUK, Anna, 2538m, (SLO); DZAGNIDZE, Nana, 2537g, (GEO); STEFANOVA, Antoaneta, 2524g, (BUL); ZATONSKIH, Anna, 2522m, (USA); KRUSH, Irina, 2486m, (USA); CHEN, Zhu, 2485g, (QAT); CRAMLING, Pia, 2472g, (SWE); MUZYCHUK, Mariya, 2469m, (UKR); BELLON LOPEZ, Juan Manuel, 2420g, (ESP); HOUSKA, Jovanka, 2418m, (ENG);


(25 players)


Note: Ratings are those from FIDE July 1st 2011.


Additions, further details and profiles about these and more players will be posted soon.


Top three prizes in MASTERS: £20,000-12,000-10,000;

top three FEMALE AWARDS: £10,000-7,000-5,000;

top three prizes in CHALLENGERS: £2,000-1,250-750;

top three prizes in AMATEURS: £1,000-800-600.


Gibraltar Masters a ten-round Swiss


  • Increased prizes
  • Norm opportunities
  • Top female participation
  • Commonwealth prize
  • Master classes with elite players
  • Two evening blitz events
  • Live game commentaries
  • Gala dinner
  • 5-round Morning Events
  • Challengers A and B
  • Amateurs A and B Increased prizes
  • Women’s awards


All events hosted by the Caleta Hotel.



Eligibility: open to all. The first prize may not be shared. All other prizes shall be shared where players have the same score (except the Women’s First Prize).


Rate of play: 40 moves in 100 minutes plus 20 moves in 50 minutes plus 15 minutes for all remaining moves with 30 seconds per move added from the start.


In the event of a tie for first place, there shall be a speed play-off. If there are four or fewer players tied for first place, there will be a speed knock-out play-off for the first prize. If more than four players tie for first place, the four players with the highest performance ratings shall qualify for the play-off to decide the first prize.



If there is a tie for the top women’s prize, the tie is resolved in favour of the woman with the highest performance rating, who will receive the prize of £10,000. All other prizes will not be subject to a tie-break and prize money other than the first prize will be divided equally amongst the players.



Draws by mutual agreement in fewer than 30 moves are not allowed. There must be no pre-arranged or tacit agreements to draw games of any length, by repetition or otherwise. Warning: penalties may involve loss of prize money. Players who wish to take one half-point bye in rounds 1-6 of the Masters may do so, provided they give adequate notice. No player may request a bye in the last four rounds.



Each of these is a 5-round Swiss. Rate of play: all the moves in 110 minutes plus 10 seconds per move added from the start. The games rarely last more than four hours. Competitors can play in and win a prize in the Masters as well as a morning event.



Eligibility: players with FIDE ratings under 2250 or unrated.



Eligibility: players with FIDE ratings under 1800 and nationally-rated players under 1800, ECF grade of 150, or unrated players. The right is reserved to place players in a Challenger tournament if thought unsuitable for the Amateur. An outright winner of the first-week Amateur tournament will be promoted to the second-week Challenger tournament.


Evening Events will include master classes, evenings with elite players, pairs and four player team blitz tournaments. Details will appear on the tournament website.


Masters Entrants:

Please note that Round 10 starts at 11.00hrs on the final day (not at 15.00hrs as with rounds 1-9).


Masterclasses: These are evening lectures by elite players. Michael Adams, Nigel Short, and some of our leading female invitees will analyse a game and take questions.


The Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival, powered by Gibtelecom, features state-of-the-art video streaming, with game commentaries, interviews, and Masterclasses all broadcast live and on-line.




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